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Mrs. Mallory


Collection consists primarily of family photos and portraits, both framed and unframed. The collection also includes a yearbook and program.

Contributors: Fannie Mallory

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Barbara Thompson-Davidson

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Collection consists of an iced tea glass.

Contributors: Barbara Thompson-Davidson

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LaVerne Summerlin


Collection consists of a Catholic hymnal.

Contributors: LaVerne Summerlin

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Cheryl Steward


Collection consists of a choir robe.

Contributors: Cheryl Steward

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Ralph Moon, Jr.


Collection consists of photocopies of elementary school pages, a Boy Scouts photo, and images from churches.

Contributors: Ralph Moon

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Elaine McCreagh


Collection consists of photographs and clippings about social events and organizations like the Cotton Club and Galaweds, as well as a book on theā€¦

Contributors: Elaine McCreagh

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John B. Lewis


Collection consists of collection plates, church bulletins, photographs, and a book.

Contributors: John Lewis

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Gerald Bates

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Collection consists of a ceramic clock.

Contributors: Gerald Bates

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