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Elaine McCreagh


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Collection consists of photographs and clippings about social events and organizations like the Cotton Club and Galaweds, as well as a book on the history of Black Baptist churches.


Elaine McCreagh




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1930 - 1955

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Negro Baptist History, USA
Negro Baptist History, USA chronicles the history of Baptism in the United States from 1750 - 1930. The 394 page historical work features a page on Cincinnati's own Zion Baptist Church, established in 1843. Zion Baptist Churchhad an important…

Galaweds at the Cotton Club
Well-dressed West End women (including Mrs. McCreagh's mother, second to the right) enjoying themselves at Galaweds. Events such as this one were held at the West End's Cotton Club, a popular nightlife attraction that provided a safe space for West…

Golden Glove Boxers
Young men posing for the Golden Gloves Boxing Club in the West End.[Elaine McCreagh's full interview and transcript]

Card with Newspaper Clipping about the Cotton Club
Photo of the President of the Cotton Club, Mrs. Pauline Strahorn, and her guests, Dr. and Mrs. E.C. Buford, Mr. and Mrs. Moses T. Sweeney, Mr. and Mrs. John Niles, Mr. Joseph Hurst enjoying drinks.

Interview with Elaine McCreagh about her collection.
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