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A bulletin describing several community service initiatives run by the Cincinnati District of the United Methodist Church Urban Ministries. The Urban Ministries program is still directed by Mrs. Mary Lewis, and partially funded by the tithes of local…

A book of traditional Catholic hymns infused with black gospel roots. The author, Father Joseph Clarence Rivers, was from Cincinnati. This hymnal was brought in from Saint Mark Church of Resurrection.[LaVerne Summerlin's full interview and…

Negro Baptist History, USA chronicles the history of Baptism in the United States from 1750 - 1930. The 394 page historical work features a page on Cincinnati's own Zion Baptist Church, established in 1843. Zion Baptist Churchhad an important…

Photograph and program from the 10th National Poro Beauty Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio, at the YMCA in Walnut Hills. An advertisement in the back features the World's finest haicrcolorings.[Mrs. Mallory's full interview and transcript]

Bloom Junior High School yearbook from 1947, including the forward, editorial staff, and dedication page. The yearbook also includes the Nine Two class, featuring William Mallory, Cincinnati's future mayor.

Photograph of 1957 Poro School of Beauty Art graduating class.[Mrs. Mallory's full interview and transcript]

Heberle Elementary School 2nd Grade class in Cincinnati's West End neighborhood, featuring Ralph Moon.[Ralph Moon's full interview and transcript]

A newsletter clipping of an invitation for the 25th anniversary celebration of Poro School of Beauty Art. The invitation features beauty instructor Anna Smith. The multi-day celebration included an open house, a Beautyrama Educational Program, and a…

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Gerald Bates acquired this floral clock in the early 1980s as a gift from the daughter of his neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Barnes. The floral clock was made by the Ansonia Clock Company based out of Ansonia, Connecticut. [Gerald Bates' full interview and…

Interview with Barbara Thompson-Davidson about her collection.
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