Barbara Thompson-Davidson Interview



Barbara Thompson-Davidson Interview


Interview with Barbara Thompson-Davidson about her collection.






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Chance Roberts
Amy Ritter


Barbara Thompson-Davidson


St. Mark's Christian Fellowship Church of God in Christ
Cincinnati, Ohio


Thompson: Hi, my name is Barbara Thompson-Davidson. I was born in the West End in the fifties, and the object that I bought is a glass. The reason that the glass is memorable to me is because this glass, along with some other dishes, were used when my extended family came over. Growing up in the West End, we always had family meals together -- mainly dinner. But during the holidays -- Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter -- my mother's sister and our family would get together. During Thanksgiving if my mother had dinner, she would invite her sister and her family over. And that's when these glasses were used. We also had other special dishes that we used during that time. And then at Christmas time, my mother would go to her sister's house. And I'm sure that they had special dishes that they used. But that's why this is memorable to me, because it was used during the time when the extended family would get together and during the holiday season. Anyway, we just enjoyed each other during that time. We would spend time together other times, but during the holiday seasons we would always get together. And these were iced tea glasses. And my mother would always make iced tea. And so, that's why it's memorable to me. My mother had it, you know, my father had it in their china cabinet for years. And when my mother -- well, my father passed first. And then when my mother passed, it was passed on and my sister got it. And she got the china cabinet and the dishes. And then when she passed a few years ago, her daughter had it. And her daughter just moved to Atlanta this year. And I was helping her to, you know, kind of pack her things and get rid of things. And I noticed the glass. And I said, 'Oh, that's the glass that we had growing up drinking iced tea out, you know, during the holidays.' So that's how I happened to get the glass now. Chance: Very cool. You saved it from, uh-- Thompson: --Yeah and, well, when Dr. Vanessa-Allen Brown had mentioned bringing something of the past, I thought of this glass. Cause I said, well, I do have that older glass. Chance: You only have one? Thompson: Yeah. Like this. Amy: So would it be these dishes were more special than the other ones that were used? Like, what made you decide to use these around the holidays? Thompson: Well, I think they were more expensive glasses. If you notice, you can tell it's kind of worn. Now of course back in those days we didn't have a dishwasher. I'm sure if we had a dishwasher, probably all of this would've been gone. We hand washed things. but I mean, it was just used for years and years, you know. Chance: Do you ever use it? Thompson: Actually, I have it in my cabinet. I haven't used it, but I said I was going to pull it out around Thanksgiving. Cause that's when I'll probably have some of my family over. My nieces and nephews. And I said I might pull it out. Amy: Continuing a tradition. Thompson: Yup. But I do have glasses that I use, you know like when I have company. I have special dishes that I pull out and use. Like my mother did. When she did.